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“Price Per Square Foot” and Pigs Wearing Lipstick

There are many methods of quantifying the value of a home, one of most intellectually dishonest methods is the “price per square foot” measurement. While this information does give you one way of differentiating houses at a similar price range, “price per square foot” is a lot like putting lipstick on a pig; it just dresses up something ugly in a futile effort to make it seem better. At the outset, “price per square foot” is not remotely close to the most accurate measure of a home’s value because all homes have unique variations that add or subtract from the home’s value. This article will discuss three variables that effect a home’s value and are far more useful thaRead Full Post »

Renting Is Sometimes Better Than Owning; When You Are Renting Limited Use Items

At the Chernov Team, we understand that owning a home in the Studio City area is very expensive; but did you know that there are a few important household items that you can rent for a fraction of the price of owning them? This is particularly useful with items that will only see limited use. Below is a list of a few items you may not have known that you could rent. 1. Energy Efficient Solar Panels If you’re like most homeowners, your utility bills are a constant thorn in your side, an ever-present bane to your household budget; if only you could find a way to decrease those costs, because yelling at the kids to turn off lights when they leave a room isn’t cutting it right? Solar Read Full Post »

Let’s Stage the Living Room!

You don’t need your realtor’s license to know that “staging” your house is a great way to showcase what your home looks like at its best. As noted previously, the thing about first impressions is that you only get one. An often-overlooked room for staging is the living room, and this article will briefly discuss 4 tips to help you maximize the impact of your home’s living room on potential home buyers. 1. Redistribute Your Furniture If you’re a parent, you understand what an eyesore clutter can be; a toy car here, clothing lying haphazardly anywhere but the laundry basket, and books spread across the floor. You don’t need to be a parent to understand how aesthetically unpRead Full Post »

This Weekend 9/14-9/16

It’s the last weekend of summer! Not that it really matters here in sunny SoCal…but take the opportunity to get outside this weekend and explore some of these great events! dOGUMENTA Friday until 9pm, Saturday and Sunday 11-7pm This FREE art exhibit is created specifically for dogs. The event started in New York and expanded to Los Angeles this year after its success. It features exhibits for dogs to play, jump, socialize, etc. through sounds, toys, and treats. Dogs must be on leash and there is a one dog per person limit. Sunday will also feature a dog adoption and on-site dog trainer! Entry is free, but you must register online at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dogumenta-aRead Full Post »

Size Matters, But Here Are A Few Tricks to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

Let’s be fair, neither you nor any of your friends have ever said “I want a house with a tiny kitchen.” In fact, a house could be perfect in every aspect except for the kitchen, and that teeny kitchen could sink your sale. If you are trying to sell a home with a cramped kitchen area in Studio City, fear not! The Chernov Team is here to help with a few easy tricks to make that mini-kitchen appear far larger. 1. White Color Palettes Are Your Tiny Kitchen’s Friend As you may already know, white is unlike any other shade of color in that it can open an entire room. You probably remember learning a lesson about what colors actually are during grade school, and probably remember thaRead Full Post »

While the New Construction Market is Looking Good, the Previously Owned Market Stagnates

At the Chernov Team, we like to stay up to date on the real estate market both here in Studio city, and nationally. Unfortunately, the most recent information suggests the housing market may be slowing down. Several recent economic data reports have suggested that the current housing cycle may be in for a temporary lull. Of note, the overall home sales dropped under 6 million in the month of July, which represents its lowest mark in nearly 2 years. Specifically, the vast majority of overall home sale is comprised of previously owned homes, which had declining sales over the last 4 months. Read Full Post »

Happening This Weekend 9/7-9/9

Harry Connick Jr. 300th Celebration of New Orleans Friday & Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 7:30pm New Orleans is turning 300! Celebrate in style with New Orlean’s native Harry Connick Jr. The night will feature performances by Harry Connick Jr., trombone phenomenon Bonerama and featured performer Erica Falls. The food offerings will also be New Orleans themed with options like po-boys, jambalaya, and king cake. Don’t forget to stop by the bowl store and pick up your party hats, mardi gras beads, and so much more! The night will end with a fireworks spectacular sure to dazzle, you do not want to miss out! More information and tickets can be found at: https://www.hollywoodbowl.com/eventRead Full Post »

Tips to Sell Your Home That You May Not Have Thought Of

There are a massive number of articles informing would-be home sellers of what they need to do prior to selling their homes. These lists contain big-ticket items and “common sense tasks” but fail to list some of the more “not-so-common sense” type tricks a seller can do to help sell their home. This article will briefly discuss 3, not-so-obvious, tricks a home-seller can perform that will increase their chances of making the sale. 1. Target the Millennial Demographic -Millennials are reaching the point in life where the represent the largest group of potential, first-time, homebuyers; millennials are nearing their 30’s and have likely advanced in their careers to the point Read Full Post »

Increasing Curb Appeal on A Budget

We’re all aware that the most important thing about a first impression is that you only get one; the same is true for your home. Every home seller knows that they need to give their house the greatest clean it has ever received when they put their house on the market; prospective buyers will be looking in every nook and cranny to decide if they are going to purchase your home. However, many homeowners get so caught up with the interior of their home, that they forget to pay attention to the first impression their house gives; commonly referred to as curb appeal. Many would-be home sellers carry around a misconception that increasing curb appeal is going to cost them a lot of money – thisRead Full Post »

The Federal Housing Administration, Mortgage Insurance Premiums, and Your Path to Homeownership

If you have pursued a loan from the Federal Housing Administration (“FHA”), you have likely heard of Mortgage Insurance Premium (“MIP”); a prerequisite to obtaining an FHA loan is that the borrower maintain insurance. This article will briefly discuss the key information you need to possess regarding MIP, as well as information regarding the benefits the MIP fees provide who qualified home buyers. “MIP” What is it? At its core, an MIP is an insurance policy, which is required as a matter of course for all FHA loans. Generally speaking, FHA loans require a down payment of 3.5+% of the total price; since the down payment is so low, the government always seeks additionalRead Full Post »

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