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        Mortgages, everybody is an expert and everybody “knows a guy.” Some advice is good, some advice is bad, and some advice is downright awful. However, there is some advice that you simply could not be successful without. These words of wisdom can be found anywhere, and we are happy to provide five (5) nuggets of wisdom of our own.

The Golden Rule: Your Mortgage Should be Less than One Paycheck

        Considering the fact that the down payment on a home represents about 20% of the total cost of Read Full Post »

Let’s Establish Some Credit

        If you ever plan on buying a house, there is a very good chance you will need to obtain a mortgage. Unless you have been absolutely killing it at life, you will need to prove to a lender that you are a reliable bet when it comes to providing the necessary funds to purchase a house. The single most important factor in determining whether or not you will receive a loan is your credit score – an assessment of your history of making timely payments on debts you owe. Some people have absolutely no credit and are curious about how to build their credit up from scratch – this article is for those people. The short versioRead Full Post »

The Midterm Results Are In, What Does That Mean for the Real Estate Market? Short Answer: Not Much

          As with most elections, people generally assume that a party shift of any sort, in any branch, will have a significant impact on a myriad of laws; this mid-term election bucks that assumption as it relates to real estate. The results are mostly in, and the Democrats have effectuated an overthrow of the House of Representatives, while the Republicans retained control of the Senate (increasing their control, in fact). In general, the housing market has always been shielded from the impact of elections because supply and demand are not affected; the economy is the greatest indicator of the housing market, and the econRead Full Post »

Happy Holidays, Let’s Sell Your House!

        Many home sellers attempt to sell their homes near the tail end of the year and are often under significant stress as a result. Many homeowners consider putting their attempts to sell their home on pause until the new year, but that isn’t necessary. It’s these crunch time situations that set apart run-of-the-mill real estate agents and experts in the field.

        Here’s a secret, while the home-seller is eager to sell their home prior to the holiday season beginning in earnest, there are also a number of buyers who are equally eager to purchase the home prior to the holiday season beginning in earnest.Read Full Post »

Silly Mistakes That Turn Off Homebuyers

        We all have an inherent understanding that a sale can be lost under certain circumstances. In the context of selling a house, we also understand that there are a number of things that are probably deal breakers. In the spirit of Halloween, things like corpses, poltergeists, and maniacal talking dolls would likely prevent a deal from occurring.

        We also understand that the first impression of your home is critical if you want to sell it, and the first impression begins with curb appeal and is bolstered (or hindered) by the interior of the house. Next to the kitchen, the most important room to would-be puRead Full Post »

Real Estate You’d Kill For: Halloween Edition

        Halloween is right around the corner, and what kind of company would the Chernov Team be if they didn’t make a blog post about real-estate and Halloween? Luckily, we don’t have to worry about that riddle – this article takes a look at three iconic homes from classic Halloween movies, and concludes that if your home was the location of petrifying events in movies, your house is worth quite a lot of money. At the outset, these homes are not for sale, this article simply uses the estimated value of the homes paired with the median listing price of that house’s zip code.

1. The Freeling House – Poltergeist Read Full Post »

Real Estate Lingo: Underwriting

        Most of us are familiar with the process that mortgage lenders take to verify the potential home-buyer’s assets prior to granting them a home loan, commonly referred to as underwriting. This process usually takes around 2 weeks to complete. This article will briefly explain: (1) what underwriting entails, (2) what the underwriter reviews in order to verify your assets, and (3) how can you speed the process up.

        The underwriting process begins as soon as you close on a house, therefore timing the underwriting process is incredibly important if you have a date that you would like to move in by (say befoRead Full Post »

Sellers Are Lagging Behind the Reality that it is Becoming a Buyer’s Market: Improper Pricing is to Blame for Slowing Sales

        Objectively speaking, the housing market should be experiencing a boom; the economy has improved consistently, and employees are earning significant paychecks. Even millennials are reaching an age where they are settling down and starting families. Taking the strong economy paired with an increased demand for living spaces large enough to accommodate an entire family, it is odd that the housing market isn’t booming. This article will address the underlying issue in a general manner.

        The September resale numbers dropped by 4.1% compared with September of 2017. Additionally, the August resale numbers dRead Full Post »

Great Fall Recipes Taste Tested by The Chernov Team

        We love Fall here at the Chernov Team and one of our favorite things about it is the delicious foods that come with it (hello Pumpkin Spice everything!) We wanted to share with you a few of our favorite fall inspired recipes so you can enjoy the season, even if the weather isn’t cooperating! So grab your apron, roll up your sleeves, and give one (or more) of these a try!

The BEST Apple Pie

        “Life is short, eat dessert first.” Those are words to live by so our first recipe is for a fall (and really all year round) classic, apple pie. We highly recommend that you Read Full Post »

Townhome vs. Condo – What’s the Difference?

        We recently listed a 2-story condo and found that many agents and buyers were referring to the home as a townhome, instead of a condo because of its 2-story layout. While this condo may have been townhome style, it was in fact a condo and not a townhome. We took a quick poll around the office and asked “what’s the difference between a townhome and a condo?” What we found is that many people don’t know the answer so we’re here to give it to you. So, what’s the difference? Read on to find out.

        In general, condos are part of a larger building, often indistinguishable from apartment buildings. Read Full Post »

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