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Summer in Studio City

Summer in Studio City: Things to Do Around Town

Summer is the season of fun. The children are on break, businesses are offering fun events, and parents are looking to make the most of their free time. As active members of the Studio City community, the Chernov Team makes the most out of their free time. Below are some of the activities that we find most exciting for the week of August 14 through August 21. We are sure you and your family will enjoy these activities as much, if not more than, us! (1) RRS ThursdaRead Full Post »

Mr. Hollywood’s House

Dennis Chernov and the Chernov Team are the premier agents in the Studio City area in Los Angeles. In addition to representing sellers and buyers of homes that would make even the harshest architecture critic fall silent, Mr. Chernov has represented sellers of homes with significant historical value. Mr. Hollywood’s home is an example of one of those homes. In an era where many Los Angeles developers were attempting to make a name for themselves, one developer stood above the rest - Charles E. Toberman. His structures were ubiquitous throughout Hollywood in the early years of the area’s development, resulting in his nicknames “Mr. Hollywood” and the “Father of Hollywood.” MaRead Full Post »