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Natural Disasters Are on the Rise, Making Insurance More Important Than Ever

        Unless you have been living under a rock, you are aware that there has been a major uptick in the frequency, and severity, of natural disasters; yet many people still choose not to obtain insurance coverage for the natural disasters relevant to their areas.         For the 3rd consecutive year, the United States has suffered Mother Nature’s wrath at an above-average rate. The United States has been hit with eleven disasters that have cost more than $50 billion in damage. The population is increasing, increasing the number ofRead Full Post »

Your Bedroom and Your Quality of Sleep

        Unless you have an unusual sleeping situation, we spend about a third of our time in our bedrooms. However, many people neglect to consider the impact the state of the bedroom can have on their stress levels, despite taking excellent care of rooms that get less face time with us.         In a nutshell, most people treat their bedrooms like a storage space rather than a safe haven from the stresses of everyday life; this failure has a marked impact on the efficacy of our time spent sleeping. This article will discuss a few of the biggest culprits when it comes to changing your bedroom from a room of strRead Full Post »

Architects Are Far More Useful than Ayn Rand Let on in Fountainhead

        A home is always an investment, regardless of whether you plan to sell during your lifetime; unless of course your will says to burn your property down. Regardless of where your home goes after you pass, you want it to be more valuable than when you purchased it. To that end, many homeowners renovate their homes to make them more modern. Generally, a contractor is all you need to do this, but there are times when an additional professional might be beneficial. This article discusses when to hire an architect and the benefits an architect provides. When Do I Hire an Architect?         Small jRead Full Post »

Clutter and You: Types of Clutter

        As you are reading this article, take a look to your left and your right, lots of clutter, right? Fear not, everybody has clutter. As noted in previous articles, removing clutter and keeping your house tidy are good habits to have if you intend to sell your home in the future. Naturally, the “classification” of clutter dictates the best method of addressing it. This article will go over the various categories of “clutter” and will address just how to tackle cleaning it up. Clutter with Sentimental Value         Items that have the same effect as clutter, but mean something to you, areRead Full Post »

Let’s Sell a House: The Habits of the Effective Home Seller

Everyone who has a friend who has had their house sell quickly, and most of them chalk 100% of that up to their friend’s agent; this is only partially true, there are a lot of habits these home sellers maintain that assist them in quickly selling their homes. Of course, having a skilled agent from the Chernov Team will help maximize the effects of those habits, but those habits are a major factor in the speed their home sells. This article will briefly discuss the habits of efficient seller. Tidy Up Every Day Last week, we discussed the habits of people who manageRead Full Post »

No More Excuses, Let’s Accomplish Our Fitness Goals for 2019

       If you are like most Americans, you probably made a list of goals you hope to accomplish in the year 2019. Similarly, most Americans throw that list out by the end of week 1 – but you’re not like most Americans in that department, you will see your resolutions through.        Let’s be fair, most of us work a lot so that we can afford to live well, getting to the gym can be a real pain in the rear. This article will focus on 5 household workout items that will make reaching your fitness goals much more attainable; the Chernov Team still encourages you to hit the gym when you are able but working ouRead Full Post »

Carpe Diem; Interest Rates Are Consistently Dropping, Buyers Have Unique Opportunity to Purchase Houses They Could Not Afford Otherwise

        It’s almost 2019 and Santa doesn’t only give presents to well-behaved children, he also provides holiday cheer for people interested in buying and selling property; this year at least. In Santa’s latest gift, mortgage interest rates were further reduced, representing a continuing pattern of decreasing rates; this is fantastic news for real estate. A lowered interest rate means a lower total cost on home loans. Lower total home loan costs, in turn, mean houses are more affordable. Just in case you don’t see where we are going with this, more affordable homesRead Full Post »

To Donate Or Not To Donate: A Quick Guide On All Things Trashworthy

        Christmas is over, and you’re taking down your Christmas decorations unless you’re one of those people who likes to decorate for Christmas 364 days in advance. Pair that with the fact that the New Year is upon us, and you have likely given some thought to donating a bunch of your excess “stuff” to those less fortunate. Unfortunately, not everything should be donated just because you don’t have room for it anymore. Some things should just be thrown away, the Salvation Army does not want your trash. This article will briefly discuss items you should donate to the dumpster; that’s where it belongs. Nobody Wants Your Son’s URead Full Post »

Christmas Housing Sales and You

        Home sales have increased by 4.5% over the course of the last 3 holiday seasons, this suggests that the number of potential- buyers during the holiday season have increased. This trend is likely to continue, and that’s fantastic news for holiday home-sellers.         When it comes to selling homes, the Grinch has not stolen Christmas just yet. The current market still favors holiday-buyers and holiday-sellers. This article will discuss why this is the case.         TraditiRead Full Post »

Didn’t Finish Gift Shopping? Your Secret is Safe With Us

        Chances are you still haven’t gotten all your Christmas shopping done; you’re not alone. Of course, the trick with last minute gifts is making it look like they’re not last-minute gifts at all, but part of a finely crafted plan that was set into motion months ago. The Art of the Gift if you will. A great way to accomplish this goal is to get them something for the home, it’s nowhere near as obvious as a cheesy book, or socks; you can absolutely come out looking like the person who plans things months in advance. Also, given the time crunch you are likely onRead Full Post »

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