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If you live in Studio City, Sherman Oaks, or Tarzana, then you know the San Fernando Valley can get hot – really hot. However, you didn’t spend all that money on a house with a nice yard for the kids to play in just to hide inside 25% of the year; what can be done to get the most out of your home all year long? Our first suggestion is to bite the bullet and purchase a patio umbrella (you already spent a lot of money on your house, we’d hope an umbrella won’t bankrupt you). There aren’t any restrictions on design, but hopefully you are aware that things are a little cooler in the shade. Something to keep in mind, however, is to grab a patio umbrella that can withstand gusts of wiRead Full Post »


You’ve finally done it, you are a certified homeowner! It’s natural to wonder how much money you need to have on reserve to protect and maintain the quality of your home. If you weren’t thinking about that until the previous sentence, don’t fret – it’s a surprisingly common oversight. As a home owner, you should have two funds that you keep topped off: (1) an emergency fund, and (2) a home maintenance fund. As it relates to a home maintenance fund, it is important to have a budget for standard repairs and maintenances, while (2) relates to maintenance and repairs that you could not have foreseen. With regards to your home maintenance fund, you should save between 1 percent Read Full Post »


If you are trying to sell your home, it is important to make sure that every room looks fantastic; the less someone has to do to make your house feel like their “home”, the more they will be to put in an offer and the more they will be willing to enter into a bidding war. We have discussed the kitchen and bathrooms at length, but this article will focus on the less obvious details of bathroom design. (1) WHERE DO I PUT THE SHOWER HEAD? As an initial matter, we certainly hope you know to put your shower head behind some sort of barrier (that was a joke, stop taking notes). This author can’t be the only person who has ever been annoyed that the shower head was not high enough (and Read Full Post »


It’s not vain to want your house to look nice, and nobody wants the words “cheap” associated with their home. Believe it or not, your kitchen is the heart of your household (not the living room), and that’s where a lot of design faux pas occur. This article will address a few of the more prevalent mistakes in kitchen design. (1) FLUORESCENT LIGHTS - JUST DON’T This is not a novel concept, but people make this mistake far too often – nobody looks good in fluorescent lighting, ever; so why do you have it? Additionally, that type of lighting just screams cheap, so avoid it at all costs. More importantly, who wants their kitchen to feel like an office? You already spend at leasRead Full Post »


Listen, we know you’ve let some things go throughout your years as homeowner; everyone does. Some things simply aren’t a big deal to you, and others just don’t get noticed because you’ve gotten used to your own home. However, a problem arises when it comes time to sell your home – agents and would-be buyers will be quite nit-picky and will likely request a major reduction in price to fix those problems that didn’t concern you. Hiring a licensed home inspector before putting your house on the market can save you a lot of headache and will allow you to fix things on your own budget (when buyers ask for reductions, the number is only loosely tied to the cost of repair). Ultimately, Read Full Post »


During the week of July 11, 2019, the home loan rates remained close to their lowest point in 2 years, despite an admittedly choppy economic landscape during the same time period; this bodes well for potential home buyers. During this time frame, the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (“FRM”) remained at 3.75%; to put things in perspective the 30-year FRM has increased 8 times in roughly 26 weeks, while in the other weeks the 30-year FRM either remained at its previous rate or decreased (this kind of stability is good for investment-oriented people). The 15-year FRM increased to 3.22%, and the 5-year treasury-indexed hybrid adjustable rate mortgage (“ARM”) increased by .01% to 3.46Read Full Post »

First Time Home Buyers: It’s In Your Best Interest to Hire the Best Agents Available

If you’re a first-time home buyer, like 42% of home buyers last Spring, chances are it won’t be a simple task (unless you utilize the services of extremely skilled agents, like those on the Chernov Team). Given the high prices (which are partially a function of a low supply of homes for sale and a high demand for the homes that are on sale), it makes sense that getting your dream home will be difficult to say the least; chances are you will be competing against another would-be purchaser. As noted above, 42% of home buyers last spring were first-time buyers. Of note, about 25% of those buyers (or 10.5% of all home buyers) spend over a year looking for their dream home (this is in starRead Full Post »

Let’s Not Be Stuffy, The Quality of Air in Your Home Matters

Once upon a time, Los Angeles’s air quality was among the worst in the nation. After numerous environmental regulations went into effect, Los Angeles’ air quality improved significantly; however, the air quality could still be better. Pair that with the fact that we live in an area where major fires are a very real risk, and that we are entering fire season, and quality of air because an even more salient issue. Luckily, the quality of air inside your home is something you, as a homeowner, can actually control. Here are a few tips to improve the quality of air inside your Read Full Post »

Things to do This Fourth of July Weekend

It’s Fourth of July weekend, which probably means it’s also a four-day weekend in July! As such, let’s talk about fun activities you can partake in with all that extra free time. First and foremost, my two favorite teams are facing off at Dodger Stadium tonight (Friday, and yes I am also a dirty Padres fan – be glad the Dodgers’ stranglehold on 1st place in the NL West isn’t going anywhere, so let my Padres fight for the Wildcard!)  

  • A Beatles-tastic Friday Night Fireworks at Dodger Stadium
  Read Full Post »

Making a Profit on the Sale of Your Home: The Nitty Gritty Details

You’ve sold your house for more than the remaining balance on your loan, and you’re pretty excited about that (you should be!), but what happens to the extra money? Do you walk away with a Monopoly Guy bag with a dollar sign? It’s counterintuitive, but notwithstanding the fact that you sold your home for more than you owe, yoRead Full Post »

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