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Let’s Set the Mood for Valentine’s Day, What You do After That is Up To You

        Unless you want the interior of your home to look like a low budget school, or a jail cell before “lights out,” you probably don’t use fluorescent lighting in your home. That previous sentence highlights just how important lighting is in your living space, as the use of the wrong lights can make it feel like a jail cell; this is referred to as ambient lighting – what kind of mood do want to permeate a room? This article will briefly address how to create the proper mood for your room.

How Do I Create Mood Lighting?

        A common misconception is that all lighting is white light, but lighting comes in an infinite gradation of hues ranging from “warm” to “cool.” If you’re looking for an intimate setting, “warm” lights are the direction to go. A method for accomplishing this is inspecting the packaging on the bulbs you are considering for their Kelvin temperature; temperatures between 2,700 and 3,000 Kelvin emit yellowish lights, while 3,500 to 4,100 Kelvin creates a neutral, standard, white light.



What Bulbs Should I Use to Create Mood Lighting?



        LEDs are the current leader when it comes to mood lighting, despite the fact that they were originally very cool (neutral white light) in the past; technology has advanced and now you are able to get varying ambiances from them. Prior to LEDs, energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights (“CFLs”) were the hot ticket of the day.

What Types of Lamps and Shades Should I Get If I Am Trying to Create Mood Lighting?

        What’s going on at eye level is nearly as important as what’s going on overhead, when it comes to mood lighting. Lamps and shades allow you to create a softer tone throughout your room; for example, translucent lampshades help soften the light coming from the lamp itself and allows the light to cascade gently across the room, in contrast to an opaque lamp shade which focuses the light directly into one location.



        When people are looking for homes, it’s the details that really separates each house, and helps them stand apart from the rest. Ultimately, a buyer is looking for a location that they believe they can call home for a long time – it’s an expensive investment. Thus, creating that sentiment with the lighting in your home is a good choice, and cost-effective. At the Chernov Team we take pride in keeping up to speed with all things real estate, including mood lighting trends. At the Chernov Team we understand that whoever comes to the table most prepared leaves with the most, and the Chernov Team always leaves the table with the most.  


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