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“Boho Home Décor”: A Brief Guide

        Boho home décor”, what is it? If you enjoy mixing colors and prints in original and creative ways, this is a fad you might want to jump on; “Boho home décor” focuses on informal and unique hodgepodge of textures and patterns, and its origin can be found in Bohemianism. This article will briefly discuss five (5) easy tips to get started on your path to a Bohemian looking home.

“Boho Home Décor” is About Informality, Don’t Try to Force it on Formal Rooms

        The “Boho home décor” process is premised on comfort, making it a perfect option for non-formal rooms like your bedroom, bathroom, or office; this is because these rooms are a place for relaxation and creativity (if you just double-checked to see if bathroom was included in the list, the get your mind out of the toilet; we are talking about taking a shower or a bath here). However, the dining room is traditionally a room that follows formal design patterns, thus it is best to avoid the “Boho home décor” approach in these rooms.

Fabrics Are Your Friends

        Rugs, textiles, and tapestries are a lynchpin to the “Boho home décor” style and should be use freely. Place tapestries on large unoccupied portions of your walls, throw rugs in the center of large rooms, explore creative options for the upholstery on your furniture; flea markets are an excellent place to come up on unique-looking household items. All of these will add to that Bohemian vibe you are looking for.

Newer isn’t Always Better When it Comes to “Boho Home Décor”

        The essence of “Boho home décor” is to create a comfortable, lived-in, environment. It is difficult to achieve that appearance with brand-spanking new …everything… it simply does not look “lived-in”; it is the akin of the stuffy fellow on the bus in a 3-piece suit, it just seems out of place.

        As noted above, flea markets are a great place to find perfect additions to a room you are trying to give the Bohemian feel to. Similarly, thrift shops and secondhand stores will provide a bevy of options that fit into the “Boho home décor” concept.

Clutter is Your Friend – Yes, You Read That Right

        If you have ever said “I think I am OCD” in relation to keeping things tidy, we can deduce two things about you: (1) you probably don’t understand the clinical diagnosis of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and (2) “Boho home décor” will drive you stark-raving mad. Achieving a Bohemian look in your room requires embracing eclectic design; the frames will not match, the textures will not match, and the color scheme might match. Further, furniture will be placed in unorthodox locations at unusual angles – a neat freak’s worst nightmare; “Boho home décor” is almost the polar opposite of a minimalist’s approach.

America First Does Not Apply to “Boho Home Décor”

        If you have traveled the world, you have seen that different countries prefer different styles of decoration; your Bohemian themed rooms take a combination of all the most interesting styles you have found, and puts them in the same room together, a veritable United Nations of interior design. Don’t be afraid to take a shot, it might just become the center-piece of your room.

        Here at the Chernov Team, we keep our thumb on the pulse of all things real estate, which includes the state of the housing market, tips for buyers and sellers, and interior design. A house with a unique look may be the difference between a sale and someone just walking through your open house; sure, they can’t keep your furniture (unless you want to make that part of the deal), but the potential buyer can see what the house could be if the put in the same effort as you. At the Chernov Team we understand that whoever comes to the table most prepared leaves with the most, and the Chernov Team always leaves the table with the most.

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