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Millennial Decoration: An Emphasis on “Unique”

It’s no mystery that Millennials are the butt of jokes regarding their eccentric, and sometimes baffling nature; particularly when staples of previous generations are treated like garbage. Things like paper napkins, canned meats and Buffalo Wild Wings come to mind. Instead of these staples, Millennials want “stuff.” This generation prefers spending cash on experiences. Like Coachella, the Museum of Torture, or a selfie-filled trip around the world.

As it turns out, they still need “stuff” to decorate their homes. And in true millennial fashion, of course, the decor must to be unique.

Millennials care about their home appearing as an eclectic mix of experience-related treasures, rather than what we have come to consider standard; how else could they express their unique experiences? Of course, this begs the question: what type of “stuff” do Millennials like for their homes? Here’s just a few examples:

Mid-century styled furniture

There is no doubt Millennials love all things vintage. No greater vintage decor item is coveted more than a centerpiece of furniture. Clean lines and efficiency of a Mad Men style sofa or chaise allow for building an eclectic room. Chances are if you are visiting a Millennial home you will find a mid-century piece of furniture.

Global Accents

Millennials are proud to show off the rug they got in Morocco and their knickknacks from India, especially on a stylish shelf. Most Millennial homes will include souvenir items acquired by world travel. They want their homes to reflect of their life-experiences; unique global pieces do just that.

Unique Lighting

It is not uncommon to find vintage neon signs used as light sources. You can also find custom crafted neon signs that encourage Millennials to be who or what they are. Nothing gets your attention like a neon sign. They provide an ambient light source and allow an expressive generation to express themselves.

Vintage Buys

Social consciousness is part of the millennial fabric, so it’s natural that we gravitate toward upcycling as a way to furnish our homes. Why use natural resources to manufacture new stuff when you can restyle and refurbish awesome treasures from the past? In millennial homes, the most common form of vintage furniture is Boho wicker and rattan. Items like these are easy to find and inexpensive. Say what you may about this unique generation, but Millennials are setting decor trends that will be around for a while.

At the Chernov Team we take pride in understanding all things real estate, including what types of furniture millennial purchasers prefer. This understanding, in turn, allows a seller to stage their home in a manner that is appealing to the Millennial generation. At the Chernov Team we understand that whoever shows up the table most prepared leaves with the most, and the Chernov Team always leaves with the most.

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