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Things to do This Fourth of July Weekend

It’s Fourth of July weekend, which probably means it’s also a four-day weekend in July! As such, let’s talk about fun activities you can partake in with all that extra free time. First and foremost, my two favorite teams are facing off at Dodger Stadium tonight (Friday, and yes I am also a dirty Padres fan – be glad the Dodgers’ stranglehold on 1st place in the NL West isn’t going anywhere, so let my Padres fight for the Wildcard!)


  • A Beatles-tastic Friday Night Fireworks at Dodger Stadium


As I have already noted, the two best teams in the NL West will be facing off July 7, 2019 (Yes, I am aware we are currently in second to last place); even if you don’t like the Padres, I’m sure you will like that Kershaw is slated to start at pitcher today – and with his record, I’m willing to bet Friday’s game goes in the W column for the Dodgers. More importantly, you will get a double-dose of fireworks (4th of July and then Friday Night Fireworks); Friday’s fireworks are slated to be an homage to the Beatles. The best part about this is tickets are decently priced, yours truly got to infield reserve tickets for $25 a pop!

Maybe baseball isn’t your speed, it can be a pretty boring game to the uninitiated. Perhaps you’d be more interested in food trucks and movies on Saturday? What a lucky guess!


  • Street Food Cinema Griffith Park: Outdoor Flicks, Music & Food Trucks


It’s a weekend for getting together with friends, when is the next time you will all have this much time off work? Grab your besties and head down to Griffith park for some outdoor movies, and some of the best food trucks in town. Most importantly, you can bring you furry friends to enjoy a picnic that will put all other picnics to shame (mostly because the food is already made, and the entertainment will be top notch! That’s right, clear your plans on Saturday July 6, 2019 because you and your friends are about to have a grand old time for under $15 a person!

Alright, maybe baseball, picnics, and movies aren’t what you’re looking for this weekend. Maybe what you really want is some fun for the family (though the other options are family-friendly, maybe you want something a little more geared towards children). You are in luck!


  • A Faery Hunt Magnificent Adventure


I get it, when you have children a lot of your free time is centered around them – this is a good thing. It doesn’t have to be boring though, and A Faery Hunt has been named the best theater for children in Los Angeles by Nickelodeon; pretty high praise from a network that caters almost exclusively to children. Sunday July 7, 2019 Put your kids in costumes (I hear they love that kind of stuff), and head down to Brentwood [1000 Hanley Avenue, Brentwood, Ca 90049] before 10:30 a.m. for an interactive performance that will get your child’s imaginations running on overdrive! The best part? This is also only $15!

At the Chernov Team we know that knowledge is power, but we also believe that people who work hard should play hard too. We hope you enjoy this long weekend as much as us, because come Monday, the Chernov Team will be back on their grind, setting the gold standard for exceptionalism in real estate.

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