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Taking Your Neighborhood for a Test Drive: A Good Use of PTO

Your new car costs $50k, would you buy it without getting behind the wheel and feeling how it handles? Take some time to picture yourself driving around town in that fine piece of machinery before you let some slick haired salesman tempt you too much? Given that houses cost many times more than your new car, it would be unwise to approach that purchase with less care than you would a car. 

The first step is to get a feel for what living in the area will feel like. It’s 2019, and Air BnBs are a thing; pick a good weekend and take the neighborhood for a test drive. Bring your dog and walk around the area to get a feel for what it’s like when nobody is watching. You want to spend some time in the neighborhood, so now might be a good time to consider using some of that PTO for the most important stay-cation of your young life. 

Next, you’re going to want to get a feel for how your day-to-day activities will feel in the new location; you will need to get familiar with the best routes to work, school for the kids, and other activities. From that AirBnB (which is located very close to your potential house), go about your day as though you hadn’t taken a vacation day – see how it feels.

Finally, you’re going to want to do things with your friends, family, and significant other; you should check out the local nightlife near where you live. Do some research on Yelp, order some Postmates, walk the local stores and cafes. Once you’ve gone through this important test drive, you will be much better informed about what it is you’re getting into, and you can take that next step with confidence that you are making the right choice for you and your family.

At the Cerhnov Team we understand that knowledge is power, and knowledge of how to avoid buyer’s remorse is powerful knowledge indeed. At the Chernov Team we know that whoever comes to the table most prepared leaves with the most, and the Chernov Team always leaves the table with the most.

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