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We felt like we were in excellent hands with Dennis and his team. Not only did they sell our home quickly and for a great price, they made the process as easy as possible for us. Very highly recommend!

– Christa Bourg

Dennis is an exceptional real estate agent. He has a deep understanding of the Sherman Oaks area market. He knows what’s coming on the market and when and has a relationship with many area builders (we bought new construction.) His integrity and commitment to representing the best interests of his client, at every stage of the process, is truly impressive. I highly, highly recommend the Chernov Team.

– Joel B.

Working with the Chernov Team was a pleasant experience in every way. Dennis & his team set everything up from the start to run seamlessly with strategic marketing and to be able to sell my home in a timely manner with over asking sales price. Helen worked tediously at ensuring that every detail was in place and attended to at any time throughout the transaction. Dennis was a great to work with. They were both knowledgeable, professional, & friendly. I would recommend them and the Chernov Team for any of your real estate needs.

– Louis D’Esposito

I’d give Dennis and the Chernov Team 6 Stars if I could. Dennis is fantastic. We had high expectations for the sale of our house and he exceeded them. He did a fabulous job with the game plan and execution of selling our house. Helen was excellent to deal with. The whole team is terrific. And, we had some laughs along the way which is a great thing. I would immediately work with the Chernov Team again.

– Scott Hartle

Dennis & Helen
We wanted to say thanks very much for all your assistance in finding and buying our home.
Please let anyone know that I would be very happy to serve as a reference if they would like to talk with a recent client.

– Max Busselle

I wanted to give a 5 star review for Dennis Chernov and Corey, and also Helen for helping me buy my brand new home. Dennis was the listing agent so buying the home from him was easy and a great decision. Corey is also very nice and helpful during the home buying process. Helen always went above and beyond and even helped me with my property taxes. She is always easy to get a hold of and very friendly.

– Katherine T.

For over a year I was confused about what to do with my mother’s home–rent it or sell it–fix it up or leave it as it is. After talking with Dennis and Kevin Silver, we decided to try their risk-free suggestion for 3 weeks. And guess what, it worked! Her house was sold without any open houses, fixing up, staging or hassle! And they got the price they said they would. We were all very happy with the Chernov team and especially Kevin who was always available to answer our questions.

– Carole Sterman Rosner

FIVE STARS!!! Dennis and his team were incredible to work with.  They helped us with every step of our purchase and went above and beyond!  From scheduling and coordinating the inspections to last minute details… they did it all!  It made the buying process easy!

– Taylor Park

Thanks to everyone at The Chernov Team.

They are called The Chernov Team not “Dennis Chernov” because you get an exceptional team. A team that works 24/7 to help sell your house (I’m sure they’re just as diligent when helping you buy).

Selling a house is stressful and there’s a million moving parts. That’s why you need a team with an effective leader to make sure your house is presented in the best possible way, that every showing is professional. When you get your offer the deal gets closed. If it doesn’t close I’m confident in saying it’s not because of something The Chernov Team did or didn’t do.
If you’re concerned like I was that these guys have so many deals they’ll be too busy for you, fear not, these guys work equally hard for all their clients.

If you’re looking for a Team to help sell your house give these guys a call!

– Tony McManus

I first met Dennis Chernov on June 4th, 2017 to discuss the possibility of putting our Studio City home on the market. Essentially, it was an interview as we were going to talk to 3 realtors and then decide whether to move forward with listing our home. Within 2 minutes I knew that Dennis was our guy. He was punctual, knowledgeable, and gave a straight forward presentation of the market and his firm’s capabilities without being derogatory about other realtors.

I will fast forward to the end. Yesterday, July 14th, 40 days after we met Dennis we closed on the sale of our home for $100,000 more than what we thought we would list the home for. We had one showing and Dennis closed the sale that day.

The Chernov team is really a team. Everybody has a role and that play those roles very well. The communication throughout the process was exceptional particularly from Dennis and Kara, his coordinator. I think Dennis has done a magnificent job of training his team to do things the ‘Chernov Way’ as there was no drop off when talking to others on his staff. If I was communicating with Kara it was the same as if I was talking to Dennis. They took care of all the details. My wife and I literally did nothing except prepare for moving our belongings.

I am 59 years old and have purchased and sold many homes. This has been the most satisfying real estate transaction I have been involved in. I highly recommend Dennis Chernov and his team if you are contemplating selling your home. They are extraordinary.

– David Wolfe

I am grateful to the Chernov Team for making the process of selling a home a smooth transaction by going above and beyond to help me sell it quickly resulting in an open escrow within a month and sealing the deal within 30 days. I was advised to make some small changes that really made a difference but I did not have to do it alone as my agent Dennis Chernov referred all the people that helped me make those changes. They tended to all my needs with sensitivity, patience, flexibility and understanding. The level of expertise was incredible. Every phone call was attended to, every email was responded to, every question was answered with the highest level of intelligence and professionalism. Marketing was impressive as the best photography and videography was used to look picture perfect. Thank you for making my real estate goals a reality and for the ultimate and best service.

– Alina Chernega

Dennis Chernov is an all-star realtor! Dennis and his team just represented my wife and I on the purchase of our home in Studio City. The entire transaction was seamless and I truly felt that we were represented by the most knowledgeable and professional team in the Studio City area.

– Gabe Abikasis

Dennis is AMAZING! I cannot thank him and his team enough for their expertise and level of service they provided. He is always looking out for his clients best interest and available to answer any questions. As others have mentioned, his marketing approach, close attention to detail, and proactive mindset always ensures he is one step ahead. This is what sets him apart from the competition and I will be using Dennis in the future for all of my real estate needs. Highly recommend Chernov Team!

– Michelle Wydra

As trustee for my brother’s estate, I was tasked with selling a home in Studio City, over 300 miles from my house. I knew I needed a realtor who was willing and capable of putting in the extra effort to help me prepare the house for market. Convinced that choosing the best realtor was my highest priority, I interviewed seven realtors experienced in selling homes in Studio City. Selecting Dennis Chernov and his team was absolutely the right decision.

Dennis is professional, honest, reliable, and highly experienced with buying and selling real estate in Studio City. Although some may associate The Chernov Team with new construction, the team was always readily available to help me remotely hire and manage workers to make the right cosmetic upgrades to show a house built in 1936 in its best light. With fresh paint, a few repairs, and staging, the house looked truly beautiful.

One of the key reasons for selecting Dennis and the Chernov Team was their top-notch marketing. And I was not disappointed. The video and photos of the house and other marketing materials were fabulous. Dennis truly invests in the marketing and sales process. During the first week on the market, he held three open houses for brokers, including one with lunch and coffee drinks and another with wine and cheese. By the day after the first open house to the public, we had six offers at or over the asking price. And the house sold at a higher price than we ever imagined!

Working with Dennis–a professional who is honest, knowledgeable, hard-working, accessible, pleasant, and incredibly patient–made the entire process a pleasant experience. I can confidently recommend Dennis and the Chernov Team.

– M.W.

By far not only the best but they blow there competition out of the water!!! Dennis is not a one man show you are dealing with a team of professionals that are by his side. I cant even say the numbers of time i was stuck somewhere and couldn’t get to my appointment with the Gas Company for an example I just made a call and someone was there in 15 min. Now that’s what I call commitment, And that’s what the Chernov Team is all about!!! Dennis has been honest all the way and kept me informed every step of the way. He fought for us like no other agent ever did. He and is Team are totally committed to Excellence.

– Avi S.

Dennis and his team are fantastic. I highly recommend the Chernov Group, as they sold my condo in one day. Dennis is the true professional and one of the most honest people I have ever worked with. I am very proud to call him a friend.

– Gary H.

Dennis and his team recently sold my house in Studio City. I cannot speak highly enough about their professionalism, dedication and quick work. I had one failed attempt with another agency prior to meeting Dennis, and my experience with his team was the complete opposite. Encouraging, confident, and experts at what they do, my house had multiple offers all above asking price within a week. Any time we would hit any road bump throughout the sale and escrow process, he and his team handled it with ease, and kept my stress level at zero. I would recommend Dennis and his team to anyone looking to sell their home in Los Angeles.

– Monica L.

Dennis is hands down, the hardest working, most professional and knowledgeable real estate agent out there! He is smart, savvy, on-trend with the way he approaches selling a home and his fantastic team’s multi-tiered marketing approach WORKS!! He always has his clients best interests in mind and is realistic and truthful in his assessment of the marketplace. Start to finish, he makes the process run smoothly and handles any “hurdles” that may present themselves effectively and with confidence. Most of all, he is one of the most honest and pleasant individuals that you will ever work with and is fiercely protective of those he represents. Any client would be lucky to have Dennis working for them!!

– Jennifer R.

I highly recommend Dennis Chernov! He did a great job in terms of finding me a house. He is respectful, very professional, and truly cares about your needs and wants. He conducted extensive research to help us find the right house that would gather all of our criteria. He always took all of my calls and emails in a timely fashion. Overall, Dennis is a great guy who not only treats you as a client, but also as a friend. Go to him for any and all of your real estate needs!

– Brad and Lindsey Gerszst

Dennis Chernov is the best real estate agent in Los Angeles! Selling a home in today’s market is tough as it is. But Dennis totally got the job done! He and his team took care of everything for me. They set up all of the meetings, open houses, and brokers open. The house went up and only after a short few weeks the house sold. FANTASTIC JOB!

– Yelena I.

– Rich

We posted a review yesterday and for some reason (I am sure it was user error), it was deleted.  Normally, I would just say forget it and not bother rewriting the review.  Dennis and his “Chernov Team” are so amazing that I am fine with taking the time to rewrite this review!

We met Dennis several years ago at an Open House in the Studio City area.  Since we really enjoy looking at high end houses in our area, attending Open Houses is one of our favorite things to do.  After meeting Dennis that first time, we ran into him many times over the years at other Open Houses.  We were always impressed with his work ethic, great attitude, incredible knowledge of the marketplace, and welcoming personality (even though many other realtors would have just ignored us after seeing us so often).  We have lots of experience with realtors as we have moved 10 times across the country.  Dennis is not the norm and he is by far, “the best we have ever met”.

When we finally decided to sell our home, both of us immediately said “let’s call Dennis”.  Of course, we also were prepared that when things got serious, he might not be as good as our initial impressions had been.  He came over for an initial meeting and tour of our home and that same professional attitude prevailed!  He was as good while vying for “our business” as when we saw him at someone else’s home.  In addition, we saw this sincere humility which made us feel that he really wanted to work with us and was never assuming that he would be “our realtor” just because he knew us.

The process continued to get better and better as we met to review his marketing plan for our house, have photos taken and get the house listed for sale.  He assured us that it would sell fast and he was absolutely right!  We were on the market for two days before our first Open House.  He suggested three days in a row of Open Houses (Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday) and he thought we would have offers by that first Tuesday!  Really?

Are you ready for this?  By Tuesday night … we had FOURTEEN OFFERS!

The rest is now history as the next few weeks up to final Escrow Closing went well as Dennis was on top of every detail.  He answered any phone call within 24 hours and got our house sold fast.  We are very happy with the sale and the new owners are as well!

It does not get any better than this!

We couldn’t have asked for a better Realtor.  Dennis sold our townhouse, helped us purchase a home, and sold my grandmas duplex all within a couple weeks.  He marketed the townhouse and duplex so well that they both sold after the first open house.  Dennis is so personable, easy to deal with and won’t stress you out. He took our calls morning, noon, and night.  The Chernov team spent multiple days showing us multiple listings and helping us find the perfect house all while selling ours. Dennis walked us through the whole process, including working closely with our mortgage broker to make sure the loan went through. He always went the extra mile, and that’s what you need from your Realtor.


– Jason and Lael

Dennis is as good as it gets. He is the first pro-active broker I have dealt with. While most will put you on a computer program and let you guess what is happening, Dennis steers you through the process with his team like a well oiled machine. He has someone for everything and he does the most to get your house sold for the best price. I would recommend him to anyone who wants someone who will take care of the process from start to finish and who lets you feel comfortable you achieved the best result possible.

– Joseph

I just closed yesterday on my condo in Studio City that was only on the market for 9 days. Devin on Dennis’ team was fantastic – and supportive – through the process. In fact they are helping me create and purchase my dream house in Toluca Lake. They are trustworthy and instill confidence in every recommendation they make. I am so thankful I found them !!!!

– Margita T.

Please give Kevin and your team all the best… Thank you for all you did to make it possible.

– Larry and Kim

No 1 realtor by far. I’ve seen him close numerous transactions for friends, families, and myself. Exceptional top Level real estate transactions. Always closing escrow on time. Thank you!

– Robert

We met with Dennis at our home. He answered our questions, provided objective data regarding the amount of homes they sell, how long the listings typically stay on the market, and provided tons of information regarding competition. We were concerned that our home would stay on the market for a long time, as it was very similar to many homes, however, we were assured that it would be sooner than we expected. Dennis made the process incredibly easy and took extra steps many other realtors don’t (but should). He provided staging tips, had professional photographs taken, helped us identify and make easy improvements such as painting, updated appliances and whole lot more.

– Jerome

While working to sell my property, Gina and Dennis proved themselves to be highly knowledgeable professionals who delivered quality service from start to finish. Constant communication and guidance made me feel like Gina and Dennis were always protecting my best interests and that I could trust and rely on them throughout the entire process. I was very happy with their services, as well as the results of the sale.


Dennis is simply the best.


Thank you for going above and beyond our expectations. Dennis is a professional, upfront, and trustworthy agent. I WILL look to work with him again!

– Julia R.

Dennis is amazing at what he does. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.

– Bruce M.

Dennis, thank you so much for all your hard work and expertise in marketing and selling our home. It was a real pleasure to deal with someone in whom we had so much confidence.

– Ellen M.

You must call team Chernov they are the best and will get in the most amazing beautiful houses .. Why look for someone else hurry and call you won’t regret it

– Gin H.

The Chernov team is amazing. I’ve bought and sold over 10 with Dennis. Easy to work with and extremely reliable!

– Jason P.

Dennis just listed our most recent project in a hot pocket of Studio City. He arranged our staging, photography and marketing and I have to say his team along with his personal sales ability and charisma are second to none. We just had our first broker open yesterday and he seems to have a personal relationship with each of the dozens of brokers who showed up. This is golden in a business where personal connections are everything. I would list my next house with him in a heartbeat. Thanks Dennis!

– Rob R.

Best agent in Studio City! My experience selling my home with Dennis Chernov could not have been more perfect. Throughout the entire process he was professional, knowledgable, honest, and hardworking. I would highly highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell in Studio City.

– Suzanne B.

NEXT LEVEL describes my experience with the sale of my house by Dennis. His effort in marketing had my place sold within a week. The escrow process was seamless and quick with complete and undivided attention from Dennis and his team. Look forward to working with him again.

– Mark P.

Can’t say enough about Dennis. He and his team have been there for me above and beyond on all my transactions with them. Solid people who really know real estate. And lets face it, there are a lot of people who are brokers who don’t have the business skill. Thats why I keep coming back to them as a developer. Keep it up guys

– Dimitri L.

Dennis was the best realtor that I have worked with. His service is impeccable. He has a team of people that will help to prepare the house for sale, get it staged and take photos/video. He is patient, level headed and solution oriented. With his help, my house got sold in less than a week at the listed price. I don’t think it could get better than that. After sale, he also helped to deal with the issue with the sellers. It was the best selling experience I had and I would recommend anyone who wants to sell or buy a home in the Sherman Oaks/Studio City and surrounding areas.

– Dina C

Dennis Chernov is a complete professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. His clients are his top priority and he represents their interests whole heartedly. He brings vast knowledge and energy to every transaction. Dennis exemplifies what a great Realtor is all about!

– Sara L.

I would give 10 stars if I could. Dennis sold a home that I built in Toluca Lake . I found Dennis to be honest, reliable, hard working, and accessible. Dennis was positive and uplifting and remained incredibly patient throughout the entire process. I honestly will not list or buy a residential property unless Dennis is involved. I trust him 110%. I also want to add his team is incredible. The marketing that was done in getting the home sold was above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Did I also mention that I myself am a licensed broker yet I STILL and WILL ALWAYS use Dennis. There is no better person and team that would do as a great a job as team Chernov. I am beyond satisfied with the results Dennis achieved. I could not be happier. I look forward to having Dennis list the next three homes we are currently building.

– Gelena S.

Great team to work with on either side. Dennis is great on all levels and he is backed by a great team.

– Phil R.

It was a pleasure working with Dennis. I was impressed with his understanding of the sales situation and his ability to quickly put together the right group of people to view my property. The entire process was handled quickly, effectively and professionally. I was very happy with the entire process and the effectiveness of Dennis and his team.

– David E.

From the moment we met we were impressed with your honesty, sincerity and work ethic. Throughout the negotiations, you had our best interests at heart and assured us a problem-free and timely closure. You are an excellent communicator and kept us regularly apprised of progress during the inspection, repair and funding processes so that we had no need to worry. As you know, I am a retired Realtor and tend to be critical of realtor performance. In your case, I have nothing but praise. We are very satisfied clients who are deeply appreciative of the excellent service that you and your team provided.

– Elizabeth B.

I greatly appreciate Dennis and his top-notch team for a great job done selling my home and closing escrow. Throughout the long and complex process, they worked hard and smart, using their experience, expertise, and capabilities to achieve amazing results. I was able to receive multiple competitive offers within just a few days of listing my homeand ended up selling my property above asking price. Dennis and his team worked around the clock, demonstrating professionalism that was unique and unparalleled. Their knowledge of the market along with their thoroughness, consistency, and integrity make them stand out amongst their peers. If I were to buy and sell home again, I would trust and rely on no one else but Dennis and his team.

– Kaiding & Isabella Z.

Dennis Chernov is a highly resourceful, efficient, and dedicated broker. He will anticipate and satisfy every wish without excuse or complaint. Most of all, Dennis is trustworthy and honest. It has been my good fortune to have the steadfast services of this lovely person. The quality of his service will win your complete confidence.

– Grace M.

I’m so happy that my neighbor recommended Dennis & Kevin. They were professional, good communicators, and most importantly, worked hard to get us the most money for our property. They exceeded our expectations and I highly recommend them.

– Joyce H.

When Dennis Chernov told me that my house would be sold in 30 days, it was. As a trustee of the unoccupied home, I was visiting the property once or twice a week. When Dennis became our agent, he assumed the visitation responsibility and I no longer felt I had to worry. When I wanted to set a higher sales price than Dennis suggested, he told me that his price was guaranteed to create a bidding contest and it did. Dennis’ sales performance exceeded all reasonable expectations and I would certainly use his services again in the future if the occasion arises. Thank you for a job well done.

– Julian B.

My experience selling my home with Dennis Chernov could not have been more perfect. He was true to his word and did exactly what he said he was going to do throughout the entire process. He was extremely responsive, diligent, and honest and always had my best interests in mind. I would highly recommend him without any reservations.

– Reggie L.

Dennis, thank you so much for your outstanding job in selling my home on Ventura Canyon. You are the best agent and the most hardworking person I know. Thank you for everything!

– Yelena M.

It was my pleasure to have been able to work with such an honest and hardworking agent. He not only helped us purchase our new home in Sherman Oaks,but also went far beyond his obligations to help us out in our situation. We are forever grateful to have worked with Dennis and will refer him to anyone in a heartbeat.

– Yelena & Oleg

Dennis Chernov did an incredible job as our realtor. He was professional, knowledgeable, patient and wonderfully aggressive. He made the stressful process of selling one property and buying another so much easier for us. Dennis impressed us with the fact that he ALWAYS had his homework done and NEVER wasted our time. He is personal and resourceful with an exceptional work ethic, making him the right guy to have on your side. We definitely recommend him to our friends and family.

– Shelly L.

Gina and Dennis Chernov did an outstanding job selling my property in North Hollywood. From the beginning, Dennis used an extensive marketing strategy, which got me my asking price within a few days of listing my property. Although things got tricky at some points in the process, Dennis and Gina were there every steps of the way, making sure to keep in constant contact with myself and the other parties involved to ensure that the transaction finished smoothly. Dennis and Gina are the real deal. They are professional, polite, and respectful and at the end of each day, I had complete confidence that the sale of my property was in good hands. Would I work with them again? Absolutely.

– Shayne M.

The Chernov Team was amazing and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate. They priced my home perfectly and realistically, using an aggressive marketing plan that got it sold within 19 days! Before choosing whom to work with, my husband and I interviewed four different local agents. Our gut feeling told us Dennis was the right man for the job and we are forever grateful for his services.

– Atalia K.

Both Dennis and Gina were absolutely knowledgeable and professional. I was never left without an answer.

– Sara T.

Dennis, thank you so much for all your hard work and expertise in marketing and selling our home. It was a real pleasure to deal with someone in whom we had so much confidence.

– Ellen M.

Dennis is amazing at what he does. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.

– Bruce M.

Thank you for going above and beyond our expectations. Dennis is a professional, upfront, and trustworthy agent. I WILL look to work with him again!

– Julia R.

Dennis is simply the best.
While working to sell my property, Gina and Dennis proved themselves to be highly knowledgeable professionals who delivered quality service from start to finish. Constant communication and guidance made me feel like Gina and Dennis were always protecting my best interests and that I could trust and rely on them throughout the entire process. I was very happy with their services, as well as the results of the sale.

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